Hi everyone! My name is Julia Reese! I am only in 7th grade but I Love anything to do with writing. I’m going to post once a week! Here is some facts about me, I love the color green, And I have a cat named Maggie ❤ (she’s super cute) and my passion when I’m older is to be a YouTuber! (that probably won’t happen) I have a youtube channel named Juiareese06.

This is me 🙂

Why is my username JRvibes? Because In school my classmates call me JR, (Julia Reese) And my Vibe is cool, chill, Positive, Happy vibes 🙂

My Mom has a blog with over 15 thousand followers! She’s a Maineiac. and I know I’m not the best at writing, But I will be sharing a lot of funny, sad moments in my life to you!

This is She’s a Maineiac!

(If you read all of this) Thank you for reading!

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